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Set on the Giza Plateau, just off of the Cairo/Alexandria road, Pyramid Hills was launched in 2007. With less than 100 homes, the cosy compound sold all of its properties within its first 3 years. While its number of official residents seems normal in comparison to other developments in the area, Pyramid Hills itself cannot be compared to its neighbouring projects. Its considerate use of landscape, its emphases on functionality and design, and its production of picturesque homes with a variety of amenities invariably set it apart from all others.

The compound possesses an ideal location that is close to 2 main roads and highways leading into the city. Pyramid Hills leaves the concrete jungle of downtown Cairo behind with its hustle and bustle, and instead, provides you with a clean, environmental escape that is far enough to enjoy a peaceful suburban experience, but close enough to the downtown core if needed. The neighbourhood itself is flourishing with several hotels and respected schools nearby, along with many food and shopping outlets. Set to open in 2020, the upcoming Grand Egyptian Museum, one of the largest archaeological museums in the world, will be around the corner as well.

Upon entering Pyramid Hills, one is instantly presented with a sense of calm and tranquility. There are no large buildings to conquer the sky, only sleek and elegant, one-floor villas standing with a magnificent view of the Pyramids. Cobble-stoned roads pave the streets, providing a sense of community while revealing our emphasis on Pedestrians. The compound is made for walking, with a massive central garden and walking track, featuring fountains and beautiful landscaping to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Essentially sprawled across a plateau, Pyramid Hills’ vantage point of the city below only adds to the sense of tranquility that encourages our visitors to further explore our premises.